Chinese port operator Cosco Shipping Ports’ acquisition of a stake in a Hamburg port container terminal has hit political hurdles once again as Germany is reassessing the deal.

Katherine Si | Apr 16, 2023

Germany is reviewing whether to allow the Chinese firm to buy the stake in Hamburg port after the terminal was reclassified to be a critical infrastructure, according to an official of Germany’s economy department. The government is examining what impacts this deal will have on the situation and has not disclosed any outcomes might be brought yet.

In September 2021, Cosco Shipping Ports and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Akiengesellschaft (HHLA) had entered into agreement for Cosco’s acquisition of a 35% stake in container terminal Tollerort in Hamburg port aiming to enhance the interconnection in logistics between China and Hamburg.

However, the transaction had been postponed and HHLA paradoxically made a decision to allow Cosco Shipping Ports to acquire a smaller stake of 24.9% in container terminal Tollerort last October.