1. Inland Road Freight

Road traffic system of Vietnam has a total length of about 222 000 km, including national highways, district roads, … but mostly country roads and provincial highways are being very favorable development for inland transport by road.


Our company has the inland transport services as follows:

  • Freight liner.
  • FCL shipping
  • Cargo transportation projects.
  • Transport of super-sized and super critical (high volume).
  • Small shipping

Also our company has other value-added services as follows:

  • Services consignee
  • Control from the receipt of goods until delivery
  • Tally
  • Report transport
  • Appoint a supervisor on site, operating


2. Inland rail Freight

Vietnam’s railway system has a total length of 2652 km, of which the main route Ho Chi Minh CityHanoi 1726km long known as the North-South Railway, also an important contribution in the process of domestic freight.


Services include:

Shipping companies to export goods to the station and back.
Loading and unloading on wagon.
Transport Package.
Transportation of dedicated carriages fit and bulk cargoes.
Warehousing and distribution.


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