Hapag-Lloyd has launched real-time container tracking on most of its nearly 3 million strong fleet.

Michele Labrut | May 01, 2024

Digital tool Live Position is a fleet-wide dry container tracking product with which Hapag-Lloyd customers can track their shipments from their origin until arrival at the destination.

Over two-thirds of the company dry container fleets is already equipped with tracking devices. Hapag Lloyd said it will have complete coverage of the fleet by this summer.

“It does close the blind spots of global logistics, enabling real-time decision-making and risk mitigation for our customers, while allowing a more efficient steering of our fleet of boxes,” said Dr Maximilian Rothkopf, Hapag-Lloyd COO.

The installed IoT devices can transmit real-time data such as GPS-based location data, temperature measurements, and monitor for sudden vibrations.

“The participants of our successful pilot phase have already acknowledged that we are going the extra mile to eliminate one of their greatest concerns. Now we would like to take all our customers on this journey to further develop this product,” said Henrik Schilling, Head of Global Commercial Development.

“We are currently working on feeding the tracking data into the customers’ operational systems via API. Another milestone for advancing the product will be the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Prediction.”

For the initiative, Hapag-Lloyd has collaborated with the well-known TradeTech company Nexxiot AG, while the devices are supplied by ORBCOMM.

Hapag-Lloyd had first introduced real-time monitoring of its reefer container fleet in 2019.