With an impressive import-export turnover over a difficult year fully creating momentum, creating power for Vietnam’s import-export company in the coming period. In which, at the beginning of the month of 2021, there were lots of agricultural and aquatic products exported to potential markets such as the US, EU, Japan, with exciting export commitments.

Agriculture – aquatic products “open goods” for export

10am 5.1, 8 cargo containers, each containing about 20 tons of cargo, more than 160 tons of shrimp by Minh Phu Hau Giang Fishery Joint Stock Company (Song Hau Industrial Park, phase 1, Chau Thanh district, Hau Giang province ) preliminary processing for export seafood to potential markets of Vietnam, namely the EU, the US and Japan.

Mr. Phung Duc Tien – Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that despite complicated developments of COVID-19, the shrimp industry is still a high economic value industry. Forecast shrimp exports in 2021 will increase 15% compared to 2020, reaching 4.4 billion USD.
On August 8, it was also a memorable day for Vietnam’s exported seafood products when BR-VT Seafood Processing Import Export Joint Stock Company (Baseafood) also exported the shipment, including 8 containers of items: squid, tuna, octopus, black shrimp, with a total value of 700,000 USD, exported to Canada, USA, Australia …

Before that, in the first days of January, 2021, Kim Thanh International Border Gate (Lao Cai) made procedures for 18 sets of customs declarations of 12 enterprises with 516 tons of goods with a total import-export turnover up to 268,000 USD.

Nam Phong Import and Export Co., Ltd. is the first exporter of agricultural products “breaking land”, with nearly 140 tons of dragon fruit, worth approximately 1.9 billion dong, to Yunnan – China. Hung Su Agricultural Co., Ltd. exported 27.5 tons of melon, worth 120 million dong.
The fact that a series of agricultural exports in January 2021 affirms their determination to accelerate from the beginning of the year towards the export target of 44 billion USD that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has set for the whole industry. when speaking at the Conference on summarizing the agriculture sector in 2020.

Dr. Le Duy Binh – Managing Director of Economica Vietnam – said that in 2021, the Agriculture sector is still a good “prop” for the economy, while ensuring food security, while still providing raw materials. key export products.

Increase the quality of key export products by 2021

Talking with Labor, Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen – former Minister of Trade (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade) – analyzed, by 2020, agricultural, forestry and fishery exports brought in 37.4 billion USD, up 2 , 4% over the same period in 2019; of which there are 7 items with export value of over 2 billion USD, including: Wood and wood products with 8.4 billion USD, shrimp 3.4 billion USD, vegetables and fruits with 3.0 billion USD, cashew nuts 2. $ 9 billion, rice $ 2.8 billion, and coffee $ 2.5 billion.

“These are still the key export products of Vietnam in 2021. However, the key point in Vietnam’s import-export strategy in the coming time must be how to switch from increasing exports in terms of quantity to increasing. in terms of quality, which Vietnam has not done well for many years ”- Mr. Truong Dinh Tuyen said.
According to Mr. Tuyen, although Vietnam exports many different products and groups of goods, the value-added exports of Vietnam are still low when mainly processing for export. Therefore, in 2021 and the following years, Vietnam should focus on improving quality, added value and competitiveness. To do this, it is necessary to switch to export production of goods with technology content; The domestic rate is higher by developing supporting industries, along with the strategy of building branding for the goods.

According to some experts, in 2021, the rice and footwear industries are also expected to increase strongly in export turnover in 2021. For the rice industry, according to the 2021 allocation of the Asian Economic Commission – Europe (EEC), in the first months of 2021, Vietnam will export to two out of five countries in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with 10,000 tons of rice. That was the Republic of Armenia 400 tons, Republic of Belarus 9,600 tons.
According to the Vietnam Food Association, the participation in bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements, rice commodity groups are enjoying unprecedented great advantages. With the current situation, forecasts, rice exports in 2021 still maintain positive signals in terms of both output and price. Currently, the main export markets of Vietnam such as the Philippines, Africa … continue to sign contracts to buy rice from Vietnam and rice prices are very optimistic.

For the leather and footwear industry, Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Xuan – Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Leather – Footwear – Handbag Association – commented: Export of leather, shoe and handbag industry will grow by 15 – 20% in year 2021 if the epidemic COVID-19 is under good control. However, businesses in the industry need to invest heavily in the processing industry of raw materials to meet the rules of origin requirement.