Customs procedures still sluggish, just fast … on paper

Anh Tuan, employees have 12 years of experience in customs procedures that we see cargo clearance process was very cumbersome, time consuming. “Only the green lane declaration procedures (priority flow control exemption actual) changes a little bit, time procedures 1 day and a half ago, now down by more than 1 day. Also procedures for declaring goods at the two red and yellow stream remains the same as before, nothing has changed. The costs incurred no invoices, receipts remain the same, does not reduce any money ”
In fact, the procedures for classification of green goods still have to go through the steps included the names on the network, automatic threading, registration in the department open declaration and payment of tax, customs clearance and liquidation. According to Tuan, the finished goods were liquidated, with the green channel, he must return to the company in return for payment, paid in the spot wanted “due in” about 20,000 VND / share. Each time the procedures, in no less than 10 such declarations. But even after completion of the procedure, if it unfortunately forgot employees complete record button, the information is not transmitted over the network, despite running down the port and customs have to go back … thanks to press “OK,” and then continue.
Not only chemical craft an electronic procedure that has many redundant stitching customs but still “hard” applies. For example, with a delivery bill Liquidation (LCL) and E shares (container) full information as to the port but bring this sheet warehouse and still has to do more sewing, “recorded in the ship,” the message says “exactly” registered earlier declarations. According to the company, stitched “into the train window” was unnecessary because the information is electronic and browse through the electronic board, adding that only manual steps automatic online process meaningless and thus also negative that out.


Representatives of a business specializing in importing raw materials for paper production in HCMC, said the company imports is mainly 100% waste paper consignment should be red streaming, ie the actual test before clearance merchandise, but now “the reform of administrative procedures have not knocked on the door.” However, the issue is more pressing that he is importing waste paper management are subject to the overlap between the two agencies the customs offices and pollution Management Department under the Ministry of Natural Resources – Environment. There are too many additional regulations in recent years on imports has actually caused more difficult for companies. for example, provisions the deposit is 15 days before entering the Decree 38 at 15-20% of value of shipments financial pressure great for businesses. customers enter dozens of containers per week, deposit “put” all those who co. while usually imported goods in Asian countries, is to train to 7 days, but the deposit was “detained” to 15 days.
And yet, the same item, but shipment costs must also inspect the goods and expertise takes 1 to 1.2 million / containers, each month businesses spend 200-600 million for this charge. In addition, each shipment must send a notice to importers to the pollution control agency, while licenses issued previously stated quota quantities imported scrap. This was not the end of the business must have reporting status of the enterprise scraps used in the past year. “Particularly sewn repeatedly submitted this notice, even to go out to take Surgeons spent countless money and time enterprise,” this urgent status.
Ms. Thanh Ngoc, companies specializing in importing raw materials for the production of plastic items, doing procedures at Cat Lai port (HCMC) supplement, Circular 41 of the Ministry of Natural Resources – Environment requires businesses to have committed the financial and delivering goods as unqualified and unreasonable. “Scrap importers had to deposit before the procedure to 20% of the shipment value. This deposit to enter the wrong room when the quality of goods, Customs can handle. Means the agency has held top management and staff, because why more committed procedural and ineffective this? “She Ngoc questions.