As planned deployment of online services, General Administration of Customs will officially operate the software services online on 1-1-2017.

Tổng cục Hải quan phấn đấu đến năm 2017, 100% dịch vụ công được cung cấp trực tuyến tối thiểu mức độ 3, 70% mức độ 4.

Currently, the General Administration of Customs has complete software online public services. This system will be the Customs Department of provinces and cities to actively training, training for officials and cadres of the units on the software used online public services.

At the same time, propagation and dissemination to the import and export enterprises are located in areas of deployment plans online public services by the General Department of Customs.

Target deployment system provides online public services by the General Department of Customs is to build the customs service center smart, support the declarer, enterprises, carriers, and for customs CBCC other subjects related to customs service.

Services provided to users include: Declaring-receiving-solving performance requirements of administrative procedures; processing status lookup records; payment of fees and charges; two-way exchange of information, information to guide the implementation process.

The service can be used anytime, anywhere and in a variety of different means. Implementing these functions, online public services on the basis of information electronics.

There are online payment function of taxes, charges and fees relating to administrative procedures. Integrated communication with other systems in the customs sector. Exchanging information with the authorities concerned. Construction function to receive and support organizations and individuals across channels: voice, email, web.

Source: Customs online