This article will guide you in detail what steps must be taken to make the electronic customs clearance.

Before participating in this process, your company needs to register for the e-customs, and buy electronic customs software.

After you have registered an account with the customs office, with computers and installed software ready, you follow these steps:

Step 1: Fill in and transmit electronic customs declaration, declaration of the value (if necessary) in accordance with the criteria and standard forms, and send it to the system of customs authorities. You noted correctly transmitted to the Customs Department or CFS port management holding company where you are.

Step 2: After data transmission, you will receive feedback from the customs office. Where errors are detected, the system, there will be a message on the computer screen, such as: “wrong on the bill”. You edit for accuracy and then retransmit.

When the steps and preliminary data is valid, the system will return the number of customs declarations, results ramification. You will do one of the following options:

  • Green Flow: Your goods are exempt from inspection records and paper-free reality check. Once the shipment is accepted by the customs authorities on customs clearance, skip to step 3.
  • Yellow Flow: Customs inspection records. If asked to amend and supplement the customs records, the enterprise shall comply with the request and present paradigm, we means paper records to customs inspection body. If the shipment is accepted customs clearance, go to step 4, if the customs inspection requirements, the transfer of goods htuc to step 3.
  • Red Flow: Business process paper documents and goods to customs inspection.

Step 3: You print the declaration on its system for collecting goods.

By the beginning of 2014, due to the implementation of e-customs procedures are incomplete and synchronization, so in fact this step otherwise. You still have to print the declaration, including the case of the Green stream, to the customs department of the paper documents for customs clearance at the Customs Department before the port pickup procedures.

In the future, around May 4/2014, after implementing a comprehensive system of VNACCS / VCIS, process electronic customs procedures will help to simplify and more convenient to import and export business.


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